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Hardrace Product Guides

Bump Steer CorrectionBump Steer Correction

By lowering a vehicle you lower its roll centre which effectively raises the centre of gravity. Contrary to popular opinion lowering a car actually increases body roll, not decreases. The correct way to improve a cars handling when you lower the vehicle is to reduce the relative difference of the location of the roll centre and centre of gravity.

Bump Steer

Uprated Suspension MountsUprated Suspension Mounts

By changing the original soft bushes for uprated items you reduce this movement so reduce geometry change, improve the vehicles response to input, makes the car more predictable and easier to control and ultimately produce a car that is safer to drive faster. Hardrace use an uprated rubber compound rather than polyurethane to minimise noise and vibration transmission.

Uprated Mounts

Uprated Alignment ArmsUprated Alignment Arms

The first benefit to fitting the Hardrace alignment arms is that they come with either an uprated bush or a rose joint. These uprated components minimise the movement in the arm in comparison to the standard items. You can improve the cars steering response and reaction to input by minimising or eliminating the play that exists in the original soft bushes.

Alignment Arms

Uprated Engine and Gearbox MountsUprated Engine and Gearbox Mounts

The Hardrace engine and gearbox mounts are designed to reduce engine and gearbox movement to an absolute minimum whilst still isolating the cabin from excessive noise and vibration.

Engine Mounts